Chazz Asks: If you break up with someone that lives with you do you think it’s okay to kick them out of the house that day?

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  1. Hey Chazz, can I take the question one-step further back and ask you do you think if it is a ever a good idea to live together with a person that you are not married to? Specifically from a woman’s perspective? If the woman cooks, cleans, have sex all the time with a dude, wouldn’t that be “getting the milk without buying the cow”? So what would motivate a man to take the relationship to the next level? I have seen couples living together as a bf/gf and the couple who get married after living together seems to be the exception rather than the rule. I would love for you to make a video about it , if you can of course.

    But to answer your question, if I am living with a dude and we break up, I do not necessarily think it is okay to kick him out that day. One day is not enough to think things through and I might regret the decision. Instead, I would take more time, see things from different perspectives and then if I think it is necessary that we break up then I will kick his ass out.
    Thanks for all the work you do. You are amazing!!


    Breaking up due to domestic violence or anything else that brings harm to others? Then yes, of course. Other situations eg: cheating, depends on the person that’s been wronged. An outsider of the situation can make clear decisions based on the information. An outsider may feel it may be necessary to give time for the other person to make arrangements to move out. The wronged person in that situation may act out based on their feelings at that moment and tell the other to leave. Who am I to say whether or not it’s wrong? If the person that’s been wronged feel that it’s necessary for the other to move out right away then it may be in both of their best interests.

  3. If it’s in both of our names than its not an option, if it’s in one name they should see if you can stay somewhere else if not than give them a week to get out to be nice..

  4. I actually have a friend that has gone through this not to long ago. The guy had just bought his house when things started to fall apart they talked and he gave her some time to move out. It was odd because here he is this guy remodeling the house with her input. I also agree with the comments above. If it regarding domestic violence or any harm common sense move out!

  5. Hi sorry I don’t want to leave my real name. Most of your videos already gave me the answer and solution to my situation. However I still want to share my life experience and tell please what you think of it! I asked someone out that I knew were separated, didn’t know at the time for how long. I was inexperience, naive and stupid. I asked him out and he accepted. Third day he told me not to fall for him and couldn’t make any promises. I have to say I am the one to blame in all this, cause I kept texting and continued fooling myself things would get better. One day we got together and now I realized I should have not been intimate with him that quickly. Now is too late and things have not change. I am the only one that text him once only and he doesn’t even make the effort to either text or see me. He replies if I do but is the extent of things. I went an entire week without texting and he send me a long message saying he missed me. so I regain communication thinking it was hope, then he told me he hasn’t gone through the process from grieving his ex and there might not be promisses and I said I wait, But I know better, there is no hope and I know the answer of this story end, please tell me do you make sense of all this

  6. Depends on why you break up and if they did something nasty. If it was mutual or relatively peaceful give them a week or so to sort it out, get their things and go. If they are reasonable be reasonable back but obviously make a plan for some space, get them to stay at their friends house for the meantime. If you pay for the house and they don’t contribute but they stay with you and they cheated or did something nasty then yes! Kick em out and send they things the next day in boxes.

  7. Not in all circumstances. I did it 1,5 months ago and I still regret it. My 19 years love of my life. For he spanked our son. I did it once about 12 years ago, and when I finally get him to come back home, he ask me never to do that again. I did it again. He is hurting and i’m so sorry for real! I was so upset that he spanked our child that I felt like I don’t want this to happen again, so get out! I was angry before that also. The ‘funniest’ thing is that he didn’t wanna go, I kept saying to him that he should or I will call the police. He never abuse us ever, I guess I was already angry at him and when this happens I get scared also. It wasn’t even that bad, one spank. After he went the spanked child went to do video games. And I was realizing what I just did. He is a good man, not perfect but a real man that has been taken care of us and who is a great lover. I read a comment here about thinking it through, I wish I did. Chazz please tell me how to get him to believe how sorry I am. I send emails cause I’m too ashamed to text him. We met and he asked me to stay one night with him, but he don’t wanna come home, don’t wanna get kicked out never again. So…. don’ t do it in an angry mood. God bless♥

  8. Depends on the situation and the reason for the breakup. If the person is behaving in a way, that is treatening, aggresive or something like that, they should leave immediately. If they behave in a good way, they should get a few days to pack their things and find a place to stay. I’d say, maximum 2 weeks is enough. If they cheated, in my opinion, I would’t let them stay in my house for one more minute. Out of principle. I would feel they are dirty and they would disgust me too much. Then, they can go to the person they cheated to.

  9. In most cases, no. Depends, though.
    If the person has an alternative where to go or and, it would be better to deal with it as quick, ok.
    If it would be a major shock for the person or both or if the person would have no alternative where to go, other than sleeping outside or at some homeless shelter, in very rare and extreme cases only. for me personally if:
    The men would be a physical, or mental threat.
    or if I´d find out at that point that the men´s been using me, living at my home, too.
    or made some conscious enough moves on me, that were absolutely out of proportion to get his needs met something that did, or could have harmed me. No overreaction or ignorance and out of the normal relationship or breakup reaction where we all need a little free pass to a certain degree.
    In those cases, yes same day and he could go wherever.

  10. Well, that depends on horrible the act was. If he’s abusive, absolutely! If he’s cheating, sure, he has that whore to move in with. If it’s just because or you want to date someone else, then you should be fair and give him 2 weeks to a month to find a place and move out. It depends on the reason. If it’s no fault of his, give him time.

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