How to know if your man is falling in love with you

Do you feel like you know your falling in love with your man? Do you want to know if your man is in love with you. This video will tell you how to know if a guy loves you and how to know if he is falling in love with you.


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  1. Chazz,

    Back in May my man broke up with me by text, because I didn’t respond to him quick enough & said he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore.

    I basically told him good bye & applied the cut off tech. OMG!!! I don’t know if you’ve gone over a guys emotional state when apply this technique but first as if nothing happened, then he’s never cursed me out before over phone nor in person,called me a hoe & told me he was glad we wasn’t together never again, all because I blocked him.

    He couldn’t get me so he called my daughter, then my brother & finally on messenger. He wanted his personal items which my daughter told him within the first week of our break up that they were available to him at anytime on our front porch. Here it is a month & a half later why is he still asking about them damn clothes when he knows where they are & he claims how well he’s doing ? I did respond on messenger because & him a deadline of 7/15/18, how about he messenger me the following Monday saying he be over Wednesday to pic up his items. I didn’t respond.


    What’s wrong with him ? What’s your advice? Actually, I’m moving to another county & a determined to move forward if he doesn’t stop to me playing games , put he’s pride to the side admit his mistake & apologize.

    What’s wrong

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