How do I win back my ex

How i win my ex back. How to get my ex back. What can I do to get back with an Ex. I want to get back with my boyfriend or girlfriend.

I got a question from someone asking how can you get an ex back when they are already with someone else and how do you know whether they love the rebound or if it is just to make you jealous. How do you know whether to give up and move on.

Most people tell you to just move on. However, if you don’t feel like you are done with the situation it just makes it harder for you to move on. You have to have some sort of closure in your own mind. You have to feel like you did whatever you could before you are ready to take alot of the steps to feel like you are done with that person. Watch this AskChazzEllis video to learn more about trying to win back an ex.


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