Chazz Asks: Do you think it was a good idea for Mimi Foust to do the sex tape?

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  1. I’m an early thirty-something year old woman and I have to say that I did not know Mimi Foust until I heard celebrity news outlets talk about her. I don’t care who you are, I cannot think of a reason why making a sex tape for everyone to purposely see would be a good idea. It’s kinda thirsty. It pretty much tells everyone in a nutshell what type of person you are–which is no different from the other people who have done the same, a follower amongst other things.

  2. Personally in my opinion I feel that Mimi has a daughter to think of seeing her at that age doing things like this. I feel that kids would be more receptive not accepting, but receptive to seeing her mom all over the internet if it was a much younger Mimi.

  3. Personally in my opinion if I was a little girl and I saw my mother at that age doing something like that I would be embarrassed, humiliated, and disgusted for her. On that note, I believe that kids would be more receptive (not accepting), to this tape posting on the internet if the parent at a much younger age. Frankly she appears to be desperate!

  4. I don´t know enough bout the subject here but who really does, maybe her, her co-star and who knows her innercircle might have some idea.

    I think that the whole discussion resembles the usual outcry that follows whenever some of those sextapes pop up and run the media for a while and especially in the states it´s interesting. Of course not everybody thinks like that, still some seem to have a problem with sex shown in general. It´s interesting as the argument there is usuallly that´s a bad example especially for the youth. Well, I guess that one can overdo everything and if sex is in your face 24/7 it surely has some negative sideffects, too. Usually it´s just like every other thing that, is supossed to sell something it seems as if others are better of or mutsh worse then you everything goes as long as it´s extreem and still tatshes some feelings, so you feel insecure and here´s the outlet or what you can dream about or talk about badly and mirror well usual effects. Then though it surely has more negative effects to treat sex like something that shouldn´t be shown, discussed or taught about and one of the highest teen pregnancies we is just one sidefect of that. This though is a whole nother topic, just saying as I noticed here.

    Then, if that is a problem for her child who knows, one might think alright in your face sexuality of your moher especialy in that context might not be what a child wants to experience then though we do not know and might be that this will never be an issuse, say Madonna´s child guess she could be also pretty alright with her mum´s comfartable way od showing her secuality so we don´t know that.

    Then, some seem to critizize her actions because of her age. Well, when it comes to people “forgiving” or “forgetting” I see the argument as of course a 22 years-old action is somewhat seen under the ligh of he/she is still developing, well aren´t we all also still developing but yah that´s a valid point to make in case she´d regret it. Then some say she shouldn´t have done that because of her adge in general, meaning she shouldn´t show her sexuality well her I would say: comon sh up. Just being direct. I think that society has little problems with models age 15 and younger yapp lots of lies that are models and clearly sexualized and clearly your extreemly easily iunfluenced that adge and I had enough friends doing that job or people I know in that industry but then tiny bit of logic brings you there also. So that is less of a an issue as they are young? I don´t think so at all. All this is is old sexism and fear of men uh your a certain adge you shouldn´t be a sexual being well first that´s every persons own decision how entitled do people feel that they judge upon someones sexuality really? Then fingers crossed for all of us it doesn´t stopp so the older the more it´s encouradging to know people still have a sexual life. Then alright, we talk about a sextape though, I just mention as these underliing topics clearly semm to play a major role here.

    So was that a good move Well, she said she has lifelong rights whenever that video is shown so I guess she makes a little money ou of it, then headliones interviews and so on. Will that be financially a plus in the longrun, who knows? I think if it was worth it for her or not, only she can know. It might cause some psychological, or social, or carrierrelated damadge so here only she knows if in case those are worth the possible positive effects. Only person who can and should judge her is herself and then her child, I´d say.

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