Chazz Asks: Is it True that All Men Cheat?

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    1. Most do. However, I adopted the policy get over the once incidence; but if it happens repetitively obviously not a repented activity. Then good bye, liar, cheat, Mr. not value our relationship, MR.UNRELIABLE!.

      1. Actually studys show:

        Women want sex 46% more often than their partners.

        Women are more likely to cheat then men. However, men are too obvious about it. That is the difference. I think those which would typically cheat are those whom are actually players nesting with a woman for benefits. Rarely does a family man cheat.

        Personally if a man sets up the no open relationships, that he should be prepared to repeat what he has sown if he strays.

  1. Do All men cheat? When ever the word all is used in a question you set your self up for proof by counter example. For example are all oranges orange, you can prove that it is not simply by producing the counter example of a yellow orange.

    I think what you really want to know is do straight men desire multiple women, and the short answer is yes.

    The process of natrual selection will favor men that breed exponetially vs those that breed linerly. I think and example is need. A monogomos man will breed one child per year or so. A pologomous man will breed many children per year that means that more children with the gene to be polpgomous are bread into the world and has been since early man, or the Arc landed which ever you perfer.

    Now why do you have so many faithful men now a day?
    Why did men make the rules of monogomy?

    We don’t live in savage times when men die from a saber tooth tiger, or poison oak or a sphere of an enemy tribe so for that reason the ratio between men and women is close to 50/50. So if we lived in a pologamous society alot of men would be woman less and only the top men would get the girls leaving alot of angry Ellot Rodgers type dudes out there, and nothing is more dangerous than an army of horney virgins.

    So in short men are naturally pologamous and culturally monogamous, peace.

    First comment.

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      It’s funny because I actually think that is the reason for a lot of the child support laws. Men that really aren’t going to get a lot of women were smart enough to put a cap on how many people each alpha male could knock up.

      1. Women are geographacally capped in old times, and yes the attention is divided so alot of women would prefer 100% of a beta male over 5% of an alpha. As a beta male it will still suck for me, it feels good that Idris Alba cant knock on my door and say. But there would still be alpha beta compotition when normally they wouldn’t be. I mean Imagine President Obama trying to mack your girl.

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          Well being rich and even being president doesn’t make you an alpha male and if your girl really loved you and was happy, she wouldn’t leave you for Idris Alba. Women are usually attracted to sex with alpha males causing alpha males to have the most breeding opportunities. Laws have started to level the playing field by making so that alpha males can’t just get every girl pregnant and leave the children for beta males to raise. With the child support laws as they are, it really puts a cap on how many women one guy can impregnate. I think that many women do prefer beta males but that’s generally only after they have been impregnated by one or more alpha males and abandoned.

  2. I think that answer really depends on what someone perceives as “cheating”. In regards to cheating in the sexually, my answer is no. I don’t believe all men cheat sexually. However, I do believe most men cheat in other ways (i.e. Emotionally, Online, Verbally, Physically without intercourse).

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  3. I don’t believe that ALL men cheat…however…

    I DO believe that a lot of guys are not emotionally there with a new person.

    I feel like it’s easier for guys to come into a new situation with baggage because some guys don’t learn how (or choose not to) make a clean cut with their past. This leaves room for their ex (or whomever they choose to cheat with) to pull on the strings that they know will possibly cause them to slip up.

    Maybe I’m a bit biased since I’ve recently gotten out of a situation where I was cheated on *shrugs*.

  4. I don’t think all men cheat, because I feel like whenever there is someone that does something, say like cheating, there’s always going be someone that doesn’t do it.

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  5. Chazz,
    Your vid about why men consider sex so important would be a big factor into why society thinks of men are cheating more…. You said that men know that women who put out for them is because in a man’s eyes they are giving them their love and their best. It upgrades his status in his eyes when he has more than one woman to appear to “love” him. When others find out, he may be admired among his peers or secretly admired by others. Women do not want to admit to cheating because it downgrades the woman. Noone thinks the woman is getting more love but that she is a slut. No man wants to be with an undevoted, disloyal woman, but women are so insecure and needy that a man can get exactly what he wants. Women love to cut each other by taking each others’ man. Harsh but true. It seemingly satisfies an inner evil desire we have to put each other down so that we feel can feel up on top. Stealing a man is the ultimate thrill in an insecure woman’s mind! It’s silly, because she is only cheating herself. She KNOWS she is with a cheater now! How can you trust him!!!??!

    Men cannot cheat by themselves. They need a woman to cheat with.

  6. Hello
    I’ve have been with my man for 4yrs. We don’t live together.
    We have taken holidays together;once or twice. as well as separate with friends.
    He doesn’t bring up the subject of marriage? In my mind the relationship is moving to slow for me.
    My man decided to spend his birthday with his mates’…
    Instead of me.
    I’m starting to wonder?
    He introduces me as a friend… To others.
    I don’t think hes family really really likes me.
    Hes older.. Early 30s
    And lm in my 20s..

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      If he’s introducing you as a friend after 4 years do you really think that he can be serious about taking the next step? If you want a real relationship you are going to have to find someone else because this guy has had plenty of time and it just doesn’t seem like he wants a commitment with you.

  7. Whaddup Chazz,
    I don’t think that all men cheat. I think in order for a man to be faithful tho is he has to realize his love for his girl and feel the ultimate emotional connection.

  8. Men do not always cheat in every sense of the word. That being said, it is very likely that a man will cheat no matter what you do or don’t do. This is because it is not you, it is them…all men have sexual thoughts about all women so it just depends on their self control/restraint. If he cannot control his lust then he will cheat with opportunity. This is the type of man, as they say, you don’t bring home to mother. If a man cheats it proves he is not ready for a monogamous relationship with you and probably anyone else. So if you can live with knowing that you are not the only one that he does those kind of things with, then you are either not ready or you both are not ready.

  9. Many do but so do women. Some men also cheat emotionally. People are capable of lying to themselves in a relationship. Guilty of it myself, lied to myself because I was afraid to be single and admit it was a failure. That’s why cheating is more so about the other person and not about you. Cheating just isn’t necessary but people do it because they cannot be honest with themselves and the person about how they really feel and they are also afraid to loose what they have. Be single, be happy on your own, be honest with yourself and know what makes you happy in a relationship. Be with someone who makes you happy, not with someone who meets your emotional needs, meet your own emotional needs.

  10. I don’t think all do but much do. I think 3/4 of the guys how do and 1/4 how don’t. So there’s one piece of pizza that is good and the rest aren’t the best to chose from. I’m not saying that 3/4 of the guys are not good I’m saying that the guy you think mit cheat on you are maybe are but you have to show your the right girl for your guy.

    I don’t think much would cheat but some mit like I think 1/4 would and 3/4 wouldn’t. ( tell me if I’m wrong girls. ) I don’t now if a girl would cheat on you but for the most part if they do, there losing interest in you so cep talking, having fun or what ever. Subscribe to my channel for more…

  11. I DO think that all men (just as all women) have the POTENTIAL to cheat–but not become “a cheater”–someone consistently cheating on all his (or her) partners. It is when the man has his “second choice” (usually) that he is most susecptible to cheating, just as it is with women and the possiblity of cheating. They may have been in love with someone else for YEARS and when that person finally becomes available, they RUN to that person. SO SAD we as humans are always chasing people that don’t want us and making people chase us because we “know” they’re gonna “always be there”

    ..I”m sure I have been there—at least on the “wanting to cheat” part and the “running to people who don’t really want me” part. I think everyone probably cheats or HAS cheated at least ONCE in their lives. Again, I have and I am not a cheater but I have—in the far distant past. Thanks Chazz!!

  12. Colombian men are mostly liars. There seems to be some sort of “belief” that makes them think the more women they are with, the more masculine and powerful they can be. I recently met a guy and we dated several times. He caught my eye and he seemed to like me as well. We text each other on a regular basis, it’s nice to know he’s there. However, he seems to be quite busy and we haven’t seen each other personally in about 3 weeks.

    This morning I tried looking at his profile on facebook and guess what? I found a pic of him and a girl as his profile picture, which he posted up yesterday. The comments I read about this picture saying “what a great couple”… his eyes shine when he sees you” may be a sign…

    What do you guys think? What would u think, do or say about it? I’d appreciate a good advice. I really don’t want to waste time dating a liar…

  13. I don’t think all men cheat, just every man I’ve been with. I haven’t been with many but the few who I have given so much of my time and heart to, have deceived me and threw me aside like I was mediocre, unlovable, undesirable trash. I have never even cheated on a single person I have ever been with yet every time they throw me aside, they tell me to go sleep with “all those men you must be seeing” because I’m just “too friendly with people”. I’m a happy, friendly person and if someone ever crosses the line because they got the wrong idea from my friendliness, I always make sure to draw it aloud for them as many times as it takes. I am not a flirt. I am not a whore. I do not need these people that make me feel as though I am these things in my life. The problem is, my negative experience with relationships makes me feel as though I should never offer my trust to anyone again. It truly has me feeling doubtful to the idea that any other person would be entirely truthful and give their entirety as a human being to their partner. I guess my answer to your question is: I don’t know. (This literally never happens)

  14. i think 90% of men cheat if not always its eventually after they feel you no longer have anything to bring to the plate that’s new…the other 10% doesn’t because whenever they try they get caught/they have someone they think is too good to be true and don’t wanna loose them/they are just romantic guys who really believe there is one person for everyone.

  15. I actually for once read trough the previous comments and what you sad so far so yes, and repeating always helps^^ is, of course a popular way to see the world (Alpha just more chances well for sure ), men (women same thing who you competing for if not) are polygamists and so on, well as with everything the easiest answer is to think what the world keeps on telling you. I feel men and women we are for the most part the same we just go differently bout things and in parts it is the mating and dating game.
    so you are convinced that men are poligamists and women are not it seems.
    hm men most are constantly preoccupied, right? being the best men, first choice for their mate and if they love them and even if not quite fearful to be cheated on, common age 3 guys try to impress us they want to be the one and practice and practice and if possible with many women that is part of it coz women like it and you know, too and if a men really loves he is quite busy being the best and women been in the past looked down and suppressed still today fear and so men are either total idiots just wasting an enormous amount of energy or they know that a women is not easy to keep also so maybe what we call polygamist and men is just a common idea that fits women,too somehow in our own special way to go about it,
    or even not. DNA test…. well why? becomes always more prominent women cheat too so maybe there was a reason behind men´s fears and not saying i find it right or all do cheat I still think women cheat less but why is not always nature is also I believe surpressed needs and in times because ideas tell women go for commitment!!!! just 1 example, whatever it costs and it makes us both unhappy and so better using energy to find people that fulfill them in the first place it´s a win-win I feel, so why not looking a bit more at how thinks actually are to see how they actually can work it is relaxing and I guess we all know that surpressing and putting up ideas we try to press ourselves in and fear and duty doesn´t really make us better fidality should be a choice and if it is for both why not saying it also and seeing each other the way we are adds up to feeling free so the more likely we want to and so on, well plus the total contrary of course, guess for me at least hot and cold no problem be freee I trust you, don´t you dare! I´ll kill you!… ^^
    Saying that only men tend to want sex with multiple people I understand many examples why in the world hm. I suspect people want many things at once and some people they outsorce and spread there needs, say job for power, wife for security, playing Halo to run the world and an affair to spice it up. The only real difference I feel is men they tend to perfectionate their choices and chances in women by having multiple ones, the courting makes the winner and then Sex, well whidespread it´s sad more important for men…well, one could also see it like this, some studies suggest that women they tend to get quite quickly and easily and often unhappy with their sexlife in relationships mutsh more in respect to men hmmm think about it, isn´t it a big concern for men somehow well maybe intuition tells you right -and please get me right this is a thought process that I feel is productive and I feel for men and women so both shell be happy it sounds :/ not meant that way at all-
    meaning often times women tend to..sorry want it but not with the actual male there with and men they tend to maybe interpret it wrongly hands we are monogamists and less driven so hm.. doesn´t help both parts in times to hold on to certain ideas too strongly maybe, so here then looked at it like this it would make sense for men to get a little practice while women tend to invest more energy in figuring out in relationships and dating whom to pick and what they need. I mean in general that is just one an example that fits your thought process of spreading your offspring and ^^how dare you! I wouldn´t judge though.
    men. they don´t all cheat depends on many things if they do, mindset, state of being in control of their impulses and one can say men are less sexualy but some can control themselves and also do and it doesn´t mean those are the less driven once necessarily read it up maybe they are just in control, happy and know why and then well relationship, place in their head in their life and so many things. Course often it´s “just” the thought of I have to so no question here or morals or whatever. Same for women we cheat too we just in times need an excuse first ohhhh the feelings and then turns into the same thing it´s like the usual mating and dating game. We look at other men, and we want to be looked at by them both sexes do and it´s not as bad who wants someone unwanted but is it within the realm of what you see as polygamy to constantly dress up to be seen as sexualy attractive by as many males possible coz that´s what women constantly do if they know or not we do and men know and some also like it again here you want her I goot her …. right?? that´s the game, and if you think like this most have relationships at least some so what is that other then being polygamists? if one wants to use the word what it means is the question the descripton fits for so many men and women in the world nowadays
    You might say yah but men say most porn consumers and industry is booming well women can too but mainly it´s presented differently teenage boys go more for porn females have more whatever boygroups, haha 90´s or whomever I mean look at them what is that really?
    Again they are differences yes, just not as much as one could say we have different types of sexuality we don´t we have the same we just go a little different about it and that is a heterosexual mating game for the most part it´s a game though a nice one still, the differences there are a reality but the more a society allows to see the smaller the visible differnce become but it´s still a difference and it´s good it´s there for both parts I just feel it´s good to see it in a productive way and I feel if we go for relationships based on also sexual faithfulness and to say well men don´t really want it or are not able too by nature does it make sense? And I feel it´s not the truth we are mostly the same we should use energy to make it work instead of looking for reasons to say why it can´t work. it couses more bad then good to think like hat and it is a vicious cycle so ..
    I´ve seen men doing quite a lot in times where it´s not necessary and not because they had a mate somehow or they felt they had to or whatever wanting to be in a faithful relationship being faithfull and I heard you saying rewarding men for making the choice to commit I still get it keep on sounding like I don´t like men´s nature actually I do it´s a question of it´s like kooking a little sault a little sweet a little… makes it just right too much likely it´s uuhhrh , same goes for right portion of that´s how it is and overusing I feel.
    I guess thinking men are all world shows, well I´d tell who hinks that think. Why do you feel that way? Is the world full of happy people? Is the majority a basis for what you want?
    But the good thing i suspect, it doesn´t matter for the most part we want the same in total and the differences are for the most part I feel nice once it´s part of the game and game should be fun and should be played not turning into a paragraph like the rules run the world thing might miss the point and less fun for playing, so that´s what I feel bout if all men cheat^^
    ..yes still all men are pigs, no question lucky if it can be used the right way.

  16. All men are tempted to cheat but not all men do. The reason they are tempted is biological. When a woman’s waist goes in and her hips flare out, the visual signal to the man’s reptile brain is, “Not pregnant yet” and the key word is “yet”. He then thinks, “I can fix that”. Then the more evolved brain kicks in and says, if I want a relationship, I better save this idea for when I’m with my partner.

    Being committed doesn’t mean the reptile brain stops working. It’s just the rest of the person makes the decision, taking in all information.

  17. No, not all men cheat. While men are hormone driven, there is such a thing as true love and loyalty. I’ve known couples where the man won’t even double take a look at a hot female walking by. He brushes off women coming on to him. He dotes over his wife. These men do exist, although rare. So, it’s unfair to say ALL men cheat. It is fair to say MANY men cheat because we know it’s true! There are plenty of facts out there.

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