Chazz Asks: Do you think it’s a good idea to send naked pics?

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  1. Depends, if Im in a long term relationship I would say yes. Boyfriend is working out of town for months at a time, I say yes spice it up a little. Problem I’ve had lately is men messaging me asking how Im doing then straight to the pic or video thing. No would you like to go to dinner, a movie or anything. That I give a very clear No to. In fact the last guy that pulled that card I straight up asked, does my profile say something im unaware of, suggesting that’s something I participate in and he said no. Your attractive and I thought we could have fun together. Thanks but no thanks.

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  2. Hi chazz, your doing a good job on YouTube…love you! Xxx

    Yes aslong as they send a pic back! Just don’t show your face. Plus makesure there’s trust!!

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  3. Absolutely not! Never a good idea at all unless you do either or all of the following:

    a) are married
    b) leave your face out
    c) have pics of the guy/girl first with their nude pics and face so that you have some collateral just in case they want to expose you.

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  4. Generally I would always say no to this, but recently I was asked by my first choice (not directly, but he did some major hinting). He’s living in another country at the moment and debating moving back home. I’ve known him for years (almost a decade) and although I said I wasn’t feeling it at first, after watching one of your recent videos and also guys love differently – I did – although I kept it tasteful and not overly showy.

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  5. No. Its not a good idea. You don’t even know where the photo will end up! It happened to a female friend, she sent a nude pic to her then bf. They were together 4yrs, in Australia .Her photo ended up on a Escort /porn site internationally.
    She’s been trying to get the photo taken down from the net,with no success! Now she will need to get lawyers involved. Not only that her brother was the one who found her photo! Now the family members know about it. That’s pretty sad predicament. Embarrassing for the family.
    so think twice,before you post up or send a nudie pic…
    once its on the internet… Its there forever and everyone to see..

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  6. In Australia now, there is a new law,its an offence to send nudie pics,to anyone,over the mobile phone.
    with out your consent.
    so its pretty strict .
    All mobile phone have an RFID chip inside, so all phone companies know your exact location,what texts, photos that have been sent to???
    The police here have the powers to obtain any information about you..from your phone companies and use it as evidence… In court.
    So for idiots who think that they wont get caught, you will.

    lts happening already here and Lt wouldn’t surprise me,if it happens overseas as well soon.

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  7. No, i know its not a good idea. from my point of view, i would ask question; what do get from it? If a guy really loves or like you, he would ask for those pictures, unless your married. Not in a Boyfriend/Girlfriend relationship, because your not sure thats the person your gonna settle with and most of them when they broke up with you. thats the same picture that is used to embarrassed you. I am saying this due to a Family experience.
    And from what i know, am tell you guys this. A GOOD GIRL NEVER SENDS A GUY (ONLY HER HUSBAND) NAKED PICTURES.

  8. If you are on ANY dating sites, you will be asked for nudes on the regular… do not do this unless you are ok with being used, a one night stand or having him show it to anybody that will look and rub one out to you every now and then. What about a new dude you just met wanting nudes makes you feel like you are special ? It should offend you. My opinion… HOWEVER !!! If you are living with someone or married or have a long term (good) relationship and they have already seen you naked. Yes!!! Send them. Who cares if someone else sees them? Everyone knows not to put your face in them and if your man needs you, you be there for your man. I used to facetime my husband my boobs in the bathroom at work bc I wanted him to know I was 100% available for him sexually. Do not deny your man and then question why he ends up elsewhere. It does not excuse it but a lot of times, it will come to that. Show them they are wanted and that you will do anything for them but JUST for them. Summary, send the nudes to YOU dude but not just ANY dude 🙂

  9. The answer is NO! I’ve worked in the oil field where the husbands and boyfriends are away from their counterparts! Many not all of them talk disrespectfully about their wives and girls and the women spread out everywhere. They are cheating! Calling them hoes if they act up they got another one in their stable and comparing and showing ALL of their body parts on the pics that where for their eyes only. The young girls/ women think it’s a sexy secret between them and their man…..Not even their Supervisors and peers are looking and passing them around!

    It burns me up when I see stupid older women promoting this bull, but would string their daughters up for this type of behavior. You cannot control this once you send it out. Even in long term relationships this is not cool you never know what’ll happen…he’s pissed off and bam you and your birthday suit in compromising positions for the whole world to see then you cry foul…REALLY!!!! Use your head for something instead of a hat rack please!

    You say, “So what he’s seen me naked “, it has the ripple effect and when you change your life and you don’t do those things anymore it comes back and slaps you hard in the face when he’s moved on to fresher pastures leaving discarding you like trash and you are interviewing for a job and you just about to get it when some one else rushes in and hands over what they’ve found not only do you walk out with your tail between your legs you have spent thousands of dollars for your degree or have upscale life that is now worthless. He’s Scott free to wreak havoc on another girls live with the same request and you my dear continues with the gift that keep giving and growing embarrassing. What then?

  10. haha if one would only do what seems to be a good idea… this would get you nowhere just like the opposite, read it here before and I agree, cut off the face and then also don´t be naive even if you do make sure that this is a person that wouldn´t use that also, because if one wants one can.

  11. Never in a million years. Relationships can go bad, and things get pretty unpleasant sometimes, so why leave yourself open to blackmail or worse? If someone loves and respects you, I don’t believe they would want that from you anyway.

  12. No, I don’t think it’s a good idea. He might just be satisfied with the pictures and not the real person. He might use those pictures to blackmail you. I, for one, have a library of unsolicited penis pictures from men who were stupid enough to send them. If I find out he’s cheating on a woman, I’ll send it to her LOL! What goes around comes around. But, I have too much self-respect that I don’t do it, face in the picture or not. If you want to see me, it’s going to be in person!

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