7 signs that you are a rebound pt2 ( reconnecting with an ex )

Rebound Relationships. How to know you are a rebound. What to do if you are a rebound. This is part two of 7 signs that you are a rebound. This video is answering the many questions that I have gotten about how to reconnect with someone after being a rebound. Alot of people are trying to reconnect with someone that they feel had them in a rebound situation. There is alot of danger in trying to accomplish this however, I am going to show you how to best go about reconnecting with an ex who had you in a rebound situation.


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  1. Thanks a lot! I love your humor and advice. Tonight I am so miserable and feeling stupid for opening up to another man who is not ready for me. I should never have agreed to marry him and he’s on parole for robbery. Anyway…thank God I couldn’t and he finally showed me who he really is when I got sick and he just wasn’t available. I got played and I played him too–we’re much too old for this garbage. Still it hurts to cut him off and live up to the break up. It was only a hook up anyway. Remember Moms–the only thing an old man can do for me is introduce me to a younger man…operative word being MAN. Peace and out.

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