Chazz Asks: Describe the worst date that you have ever been on.

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  1. NJ

    My worst date was with a guy who was constantly on his phone. He was constantly texting, checking for text messages, and apologizing each time he did so. I made it known that it bothered me and asked if he could take me home. He somewhat redeemed himself and put his phone away. He told me he did not want the date to end. He’s the one who asked me out so, I did not understand the reason for his divided attention.

  2. Michelle

    He picked me up by beeping the horn (great start, by the way…) followed by a romantic evening test driving cars. Good old fashioned American cars, not even foreign followed by fine cuisine at a local McDonalds Drive thru where I was rudely asked “you just want a Happy Meal, right?” then we went to the drive-in where we watched a movie I had JUST told my “date” I had seen the week before. Ahhh, the romance.

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  3. Mindy

    Chazz what is a good way to contact you aside from fb and twitter. I REALLY NEED your INPUT on my situation. You have my email if you could please contact me would be much appreciated! I think you may find my story quite interesting and would not mind if you were to use it in one of your vids. Thank you hope to hear from you soon

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  4. Akila

    First date with this guy…. we had dinner…. was pretty nice then went to the park and had a few drinks .. lots of talking and laughing.. was cool.. then police pulled up and stated that the park was closed and asked us to leave.. but before we could leave, the cop asked the guy for his license and registration…. he ran his name and then arrested him for having some outstanding warrants… the cop was going to leave me in the park so I had to beg him to take me to the nearest public place… the cop dropped me off in Virginia which was about an hour from my house in Maryland. I had to call a friend to come and get me…. the guy called me at home about 3 hours later to make sure I got home.. they had the wrong guy…. well at least that’s what he told me…… lol

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  5. Heidi

    Haha.. I had joined a dating site and met this guy who seemed to be pretty cool. He was a bit young, still being in college but i gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he was more mature for his age.. 1st mistake.. He had texted me and we had talked for about a month through texting. Finally he had called me to ask me out after a month. I was first turned off by his high squeaky voice but thought it shallow to judge a man just based off his voice. So he decided on a Sunday to pick me up which I thought was kind of odd seeing as how usually everything closes early sunday nights, but agreed to go anyway.. 2nd mistake.. So i’m waiting on the couch 30 minutes past his supposed arrival time and the door bell rings. I get up to go answer it and he was about 30 pounds lighter than he was in his profile pic, ignoring it i grabbed my purse and closed the door. 3rd mistake… So i get into his “brand new” truck which was an old rusted out white ford which he didn’t even to bother to clean out. So he’s driving and says “So where we going?” I just stared at him like… “You didn’t think to plan this out?” I said.. “Lets go find a place to eat.” You can imagine my disgust as he pulls into the Mcdonalds drive thru, then while waiting for the woman to place an order over the speaker he asks “So do you like uuuuuh wanna make out?” I began laughing hysterically and said “Yeeeeaaah… Here’s fine.” He thought i meant yes and began leaning into me as he realized i was opening the passenger door to get out.. I called a cab to give me a ride 6 blocks home.

  6. staci

    Worst date ever was out for ice-cream and decided to have small talk and then i avoided the dreaded akward silence by asking the guy what was his long term goals (still feeling him out by the way) he proceeds to ask me in a frustrated tone “What is this an interview” So i was like OKAY Tru, time to go, five mins. later dude acting like nothing happened i was ur crazy so left feeling, confused, annoyed, angry, and so after sent him a text and ended it but i find myself thinking of him often WHY!!!! dred. Uhhh

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  7. Shannon

    The worst date I was on was during my freshman year in college when I was continuously dating 2 guys at the same time. While I was with one guy on a date, the other guy JUST HAPPENED to come up and asked something about their collegian group get-together and then commented that he would look forward to seein the other in gym class! SAME COLLEGIAN and SAME P.E. CLASS–??!! And YOU KNOW how guys talk!!! Well, the guy who walked up put is arm around the other one, and they went off together and left me standing there to walk back to my own dorm room ALL BY MYSELF! How did I just lose 2 guys in one night? I thought I was being so cute with my thing. Moral of the story–don’t date guys too closely connected.

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  8. TC

    The worst date I ever went on was about 5 years ago. I met him online, he didnt look anything like his picture, he worked in insurance, he was really boring, there was alot of awkward silences. THEN HE TRIED TO SELL ME INSURANCE!!!!
    I was really relieved at the end of the date when I got to go home but then despite the terrible evening he lunged at me and went for the kiss.
    Worst date ever by far.

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  9. Hope Franks

    I was 18 and he was 27. He was nice and attractive and happened to be my boss at the time. Fail number 1: I felt like he was trying to buy me. He took me out on a shopping spree. Fail number 2: He stated that he felt a connection so deep that he wanted me to quit my job so that it wouldn’t be a conflict of interest in our relationship or at the workplace. Fail number 3: he was talking about marriage and kids and im just like CHILL Fail number 4: we went back to the house and I wanted the D because at this point it was date number 3 and he still wasn’t giving it up. So in the end I kind of ceased the relationship and he didn’t like it. So basically I lost my job and I didn’t get the D. Bummer

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  10. Francesca

    Can´t decide I have my top 3.

    1. I was still 15/16 or so,
    guy was presented to me by mutual friends, looked good well decently friendly I just presented myself and he did, too so that´s it. First feeling well, cute not feeling him though. So I had nothing mutsh to say when I was repetedly asked bout him specially by one friend, well after weeks of stories I heard bout that guy basically how great of a catsh and nice and whatever he should have been I was presented with the truth, well he was told hei you would like her that´s why they presented us, now he had an impression wanted to get to know me and kept asking bout me, this friend now she was in a bad situation basically there was no real reason to say she doesn´t want to so she asked me if at least I can give him a chance date him and see..well I gave in after weeks. But I didn´t feel too comfortable,
    Well we went to a park nearby. He was an upcomming car racer he told a lot bout it, well was interesting so I really listend found it cool but already I felt well I also asked a little deeper, well what does that mean and so on, he seemed a little upset that though I was impressed by what he did didn´t automatically mean I was with him, tried to kiss me, timing was so off so I friendly neglected the offer and he started discussing and I didn´t even get into it he asked me why not? well I staid friendly and tried to keep his pride but the question already^^… So I had to be a little more indirectly direct looks say anough in times. Then I was presented with a lovely story of his ex, how pretty she was, well I saw her she was, and how she had no problems making out with him at that same park^^…and she was older and more experienced.. well wasn´t too impressed with that eather and made a suggestoin to walk a little again (meant; jap, direction home..) so on the way home, well I am a fast walker in general there I guess even faster then usually so I was told yah all these young girls they walk so fast as they ca´n´t keep there cool^^so the way home all I did had to do with my leck of age and experience so as we arrived I told him, since I hadn´t done mutsh so far, that I might need a little more experience to get how to walk and breath properly so thanks for the advice but I´m old enough to find my way upstairs alone middlefinger and indexfinger follows^^ least I tried, date lasted hmmm 20 maybe 30 minutes in total.

    2. Was 18 or so I think
    Just arrived at the busstation from my holidays, yah horrable 17 hours busdrive familyholidays but hei was young^^ so my luggage, well 2 weeks and cloth to dress a family for a month plus food I brough back so least double my size. to get to the train home I was confronted with a huge staircase, that guy came up and took my stuff and carried it we had a little chat, took the same train and he asked me out for the same evening coffe and if I wanted followed up by dinner. I wasn´t so shure didn´t feel him as mutsh but thought common don´t always be so criticall just a date, he was goodlokking, friendly, seemed funny and charming and frensh excend didn´t harm eather so I decided well, I go for coffee.
    So we met and had a coffee and I was right he was charming and he also was with the waitress, well least he had a point she was pretty and yah I knew he saw it as 😉 charming and it should have been a plus for me in his eyes so I got it well, I was lucky Mrs. weitress seemed cool so we exchanged looks and both looked at him sideways, she was also quick to ask if we wanted anything more^^…well, I had to go so good I chose the place well, nice place just also convinient close to home so I didn´t even show him what was up, he wouldn´t have gotten it anyways and then well, different tastes so yah, stade friendly he was little surprised I guess but yah, again date lasted hm 20-30 min.
    3. I was in my early twenties
    My friends and I that time often went to well reastaurant bar somewhat inbetween a nice place and guy was the weiter and my friends they found him great and at a certain point they sad, common he keeps on flyrting with you he´s fine and a good catsh basically and seems really interested why don´t you give him a chance and get to know him. So, well he seemed nice and yah he was pleasent to be around and funny, well mannered and so on and still again, my feeling wasn´t too mutsh a yes and yah he looked fine but longer hair well I am a little hmm but yah I was critizezed like, you´re nuts he is fine… so they took control invited him 2,3 times I think to join us, he seemed nice we didn´t talk too mutsh though so after weeks he asked me on a date, sad yes.
    It was summer he suggested going to an icebar nice place liked the idea, so we had our icecream then the show started. He sad he had to walk his dog he suggested we do that together and he lived around the corner so I saw he lived in a basically a mention real nice and fancy area beautiful house, classy so guy basically grew up ritsh and the dog was one of those well mouses and I know nice people who own those kind of dogs, not judging but judging I feel for those poor creatures, he thought I´d find it cute though, next he had to pick up his car was close and just in front of a friends place he parked so that friend “exidently” came out well telling me how mutsh of a womanizer he was, well I wasn´t too impressed and car was japp a ferrari, well I like nice cars no question here still all in all too staged and I like when guys are selfconfident also huge egos no problem here but there is a line between I am a good catsh and ridiculous and he scratshed the line I felt so I gave him a pass he seemed interested so well I know that show so ok, we went out for dinner and well, guy he studied human medicine streight a student plus worked fulltime at that place so basically a driven genious and alright cool, we took a walk and I didn´t brouhght my jacket so went at my place quickly pick up a jacket in there he kissed me ok that was alright with me then he wanted to go farther I friendly neglected the offer and he didn´t say mutsh but his reaction felt a little off still so i asked him, japp, never asked that before or after that again, what do you think a womens role is? So, Mr. oldschool here well kitshen and so on and so next i checked a little basically how he would have reacted if we would have had sth going earlier but in a sneeky way to check a little so i found out my feeling was right the line between a “good girl” and a slut seemed to be pretty easy to cross for him, so my feeling was right and beneath it lied, I am upset I am sutsh a good catsh and I keep on trying and stil and I am insecure.. so I stade friendly but that was our last date he asked me out again, not interested.
    So, what did I learn, well listen to your guts after that I only dated whom I really felt so I had quite pleassent dates for the most part. And a good catsh in general mustn´t neccesserely be one for me.

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