As you may already know, I have been helping people on YouTube for 5 years with my channel called AskChazzEllis. I love helping people find their purpose and their happiness through truth and self-reflection. One of the biggest things that I have noticed while helping others is that most of us seem to think that life is all or nothing and “settling” for what is right in front of you is a negative thing. I see this attitude cost people several opportunities that could really help them move forward in their lives. I am writing this book to help people learn the difference between settling and giving up and to give them the strength to use where they are to get where they ultimately want to be. If you can’t enjoy the process, you will be miserable with any results.

I am using GoFundMe as an opportunity for supporters of askchazzellis to get the book early and at a great discount. Simply donate $10.00 and your reward will be an early digital copy of the book. If you would like to donate more to support the project and ensure its success that would be greatly appreciated.

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